Are Candles the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day?

Here's Some Valentine's Inspiration...

When you are looking at getting your special someone something for Valentines’ Day, then there a variety of choices. Chocolates and Bubbly are always good, but often these can have hidden consequences. If your partner is sensitive about health or weight, then these gifts can send the wrong message. Therefore, we look at romantic candle ideas to give your partner on Valentine’s Day. 

Why Candles?

Cinnamon, Orange and Clove CandleCandles always evoke romantic ideas, whether you decorate room with rose petals and candles or just want some romantic candle light in your bedroom. Candles can provide the perfect mixture of warmth and light for some seriously romantic times. This makes them the perfect gift for when you want to evoke feelings of love and passion in your partner. Whether it is romantic candles in the bedroom, relaxing candles in the bathroom, or just to spice up a hotel room decoration with flowers and candles. Then there a variety of ways that they can be used.

Crystal Energies

Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Candle

Along with candles, crystals can help to enhance the romantic mood. Rose quartz, in particular, is well known for drawing love energies into a room. So why not combine the two? You can get some romantic candles that combine crystal energies embedded in the wax. They are made packed with essential oils as well. This means that not only with you get the warm romantic candle glow, but you will also get the enhancing scent from essential oils such as ylang-ylang. The rose quartz crystals embedded in the wax of the candle will be activated as you burn the candle, thus creating the perfect romantic room with candles.

Tuberose essential oil candles are known for their aphrodisiac qualities due to the strongly relaxing fragrance of tuberose. This makes it a perfect fragrance for the bedroom or a date night.

Candles as Gifts

Candles work great as gifts, particularly for Valentine’s Day. This is because they not only provide great decoration, but they can also be used to invoke romantic moods. This means that women will love them, and even men will appreciate the mood that is set by them. Candles come in a very wide range of styles, scents, and colours. This means that even if they stay on the shelf for some time, they will still look good and provide some great decoration. If the candles contain crystals then you can still get the benefit of the energies provided by the crystals when they are just being used for decoration. This means that you can continuously put romantic energies into your bedroom when you are using the candles for decoration. As a gift a candle is impossible to go wrong with, it sends no other message than that you care about the person you are giving it to and that you have romantic intentions towards them.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting Valentine’s Gifts for your loved ones. They are many ways that you can go wrong, however, the perfect romantic gift idea is a candle that is laced with romantic crystals that can be used to decorate your room along with rose petals and other romantic touches.

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