Causes We Support - You Shop and We Donate!

Our values are really important to us and we know our customers feel the same.  So, we've been working really hard behind the scenes to bring you some new initiatives.  

We have 3 new charity collaborations!  We plan to donate a percentage of each sales (AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU) to the following charities and you can decide which you want us to support:

Seven Clean Seas

Seven Clean Seas

£1.3 Donated Removes 1kg of Plastic from the Ocean

Every year over 75 million tonnes of plastic packaging flows into our ocean. Not only does this kill marine life mistaking this plastic for food (eg whales, fish, and sea turtles), but the microplastics released have dire consequences for all living things included in that ecosystem (including humans).

Since 2018, Seven Clean Seas have invested in ocean clean-up operations focused on, remote island infrastructure as well as the building and implementation of innovative river cleaning technology. Along with environmental consulting and plastic offsetting credits, the team behind Seven Clean Seas understands that ocean plastic prevention is even more important than ocean plastic removal.

Recently, 7CS have been supporting those whose livelihoods in the tourism industry have been eliminated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Seven Clean Seas are a full-stack sustainability initiative service making the world a better place 1kg of plastic at a time.

Mind: Empowering People Experiencing Problems with Mental Health

 Mind logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG


Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. But hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling.

We believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. A donation to Mind will mean that someone will be there to listen, give support and advice to sufferers, and fight their corner.

Mental Health

Help save the Turtle Dove by Turtle Dove Trust

 Turtle Dove Trust

The Turtle Dove Trust was founded in 2019. Based in East Anglia, they hope to expand into other areas. They have a passion for the conservation of wildlife and a particular interest in securing the future of the endangered Turtle Dove.

The urgent conservation and study of the endangered Turtle Dove is achieved by providing a safe breeding environment, the retention and creation of suitable nesting habitats, breeding in captivity and releasing locally in East Anglia.

Turtle Dove


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