How Colours Can Create the Perfect Zen Living Space

When you are decorating your home, you often want to be able to evoke different moods in different rooms. The most common idea for a room that you spend a lot of time in, is to create the perfect Zen environment so that you can relax and be peaceful in your home. We look at the best colours that will help you gain that perfect meditative state in your own home.

When decorating a home Blue is a colour that people often turn to and for good reason. It is a calming and soothing colour that helps many people to relax. For this reason, it is often used in a bedroom as it can help you drift off into sleep. When choosing a blue make sure you choose neutral and soft tones as anything too bright can be overstimulating. 

With a base of blue, you can understand why this colour might be calming. You want to look at a softer violet or lilac type colour without too much black in it for the best effect. This colour will help you bring balance and inner peace.
Pink might not be a colour that you think of as calming as we tend to immediately think of the brighter more vibrant pinks. However, if you go for a soft pastel pink then can have a great calming effect on the mind. When selecting your pink colour think soft and light, you want a colour without too much red in it as this will tend to overstimulate.
Green has a calming and restful effect. This is mainly because of its association with nature and the outdoors. Green is present in nearly all the outdoor spaces that we visit when we want to relax. Be they parks, fields, or forests. Most shades of green will work to leave you calm. However, again, the softer and less bright colours will have a better effect on soothing your mind.

This colour might surprise you. We normally associate grey with being dull, boring or even a little depressing. This is because of the associations that we have with it and a cloudy day that may make us feel a little low. However, if you can find the right tones of grey then it will have an amazing calming effect on you. It is the perfect neutral colour and can be used in any number of rooms. 

Tan is another less obvious colour that is quite calming. It works well as a base colour for highlighting other brighter colours. The calming effect comes because of the association with candlelight and the warmth that it brings. This makes it incredibly relaxing.

Final Thoughts
These are just some of the colours that work well for creating a relaxing mood. If you pair them with some soft candlelight, particularly with a relaxing scent to it, then you will be blissed out and totally zen in no time at all. 
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