How to make Garden Candles better at keeping bugs away

Many people buy garden candles, especially citronella candles, so they can enjoy some alfresco dining in the summer, but then find that the candles are not keeping bugs away or they are getting blown out by the wind.

I've found a fool proof way of making our garden candles work for you and they are excellent at developing a fragrance outdoors.  This method also significantly reduces the number of bugs. In fact, before I started using this method, the number of bugs attacking my outdoor dining table would force me to leave and go back indoors to eat.  But when I use this method for my outdoor candles I haven't been bothered by any bugs in my garden, whilst the candles are lit.  So I'm convinced you should try it and it should work for you too!

Here's what to do...

Place your tinned candle inside a glass hurricane candle holder, as you can see in the picture below.  Then simply light your candle.  As the flame melts the wax, the fragrance oils build up inside the candle holder and intensify the fragrance in one place.  This increased intensity is what keeps away the bugs and releases the perfume in your garden!

How to stop bugs using garden candles properly

Let the candle burn for several hours - these candles are long lasting and the longer you burn it, the better for deterring bugs.  It's perfect for working from home in the garden on warm, sunny days.

 Our English Garden and Jasmine, Bergamot & Cedarwood candles make great alternatives to Citronella candles.  In fact cedarwood is a known naturally occuring insect-repellant.  All our tinned candles make bright, colourful additions to your home and garden.

English Garden Candle


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