Make Mother’s Day Extra Special with These Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this is a chance for you to show your mum how much you care about her. There are a huge number of things you can do for your mum which can make it tricky to decide which is best. We look at which gifts will really make your mum smile this year.

An Experience Shared

One of the best things you can do with your mum, particularly if you want to strengthen the mother-daughter bond is to go on an experience together. This could be a spa day, or a weekend break or even something creative. Your mum would love the opportunity to be pampered and looked after as well as spending some quality time away from everything. Maybe even doing something creative, such as an art class, or pottery. These are a great way to spend some time together and to create some special memories. The side benefit is that you will be able to enjoy it too and show your mum how much you love her.

A Gift to Treasure

One of the nicest things you can get your mum is a candle set. These make for fantastic gifts that can remind your mum of your kindness and love when she burns it later. You can get them in a variety of amazing smells and colours, and they make for fantastic decoration for any room in the house. This can be a great way for your mum to relax, and use them in the bath, or just have a quiet night at home.

Family Ties

If you have a big family and it is the centre of your mum’s world then you can get her a gift that commemorates that. How about a cushion that is embroidered with the names of all the members of your family? This means that whenever your mum is relaxing at home then she is still able to enjoy being with all the members of the family. Or you could get a blanket or quilt and have the names of family members sown onto it, then as the family grows with grandchildren etc, they can be easily added, and it will become an important keepsake for her.


We all know that mum’s work hard, so how about as a gift you give her the day off. This could mean that you order a cleaning service, or maybe even a cooking service for her for the day. This will mean that she can spend the day with her feet up whilst someone else takes care of all the tasks for her. She will appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have to do anything and just spend the day doing exactly what she wants.

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