Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Many of us are a little jaded about Valentine's Day, and rightly so.  The commercial aspects of this holiday can sometimes seem unrealistic when dealing with the everyday practicalities of modern lives.  However, it's difficult to not take part either because there's always a positive reason to celebrate the love in our lives and feel grateful to the loved ones who make us feel special.

So, to save you time, we've curated a special Valentine's Day Gift Collection to give you some ideas for meaningful gifts and an explanation of some of the emotional aspects of our gift ideas.

Our Ruby Root Chakra Candle - a Frankincense Serrata scented candle infused with a Red Ruby - is the perfect special gift for Valentine's as Rubies symbolise love, passion, energy and success - perfect for a budding relationship or a bond that has stood the test of time.  Rubies are often used to celebrate 40th wedding anniversaries as their energy promotes loyalty and the inner flame of a strong marriage.

Ruby Root Chakra Candle

You could make your Valentine's Day celebration more romantic with our 24k Gold Leaf Champagne Saucers.  These large coupe glasses have plenty of room for either a cocktail or your favourite bubbly drink.  These glasses are even large enough for serving ice-cream - which looks amazing with some strawberry slices.  The floating 24k gold leaf contained within the stem and around the rim will definitely impress your loved one.

Champagne Saucer Glasses

Our sense of smell is said to be the most evocative of all our senses, so scented candles are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere that triggers the emotions.  The science behind how fragrance creates attraction fuels the multi-million pound perfume industry.  Even the Victorians knew about the power of fragrance - tuberose flowers were thought to be an aphrodisiac and unmarried women were banned from sniffing them!  Today, we still consider tuberose perfume to be a heady fragrance.  It is a feminine, floral note described as creamy, powdery, and slightly musky.  We've combined tuberose essential oil with vanilla in our Tuberose & Vanilla Tinned Candle.  The vanilla amplifies the tuberose notes as well as being relaxing and comforting in its own right.  Try it for yourself!

Tuberose & Vanilla Scented Candle

Not all of us are coupled up on Valentine's Day and it can feel lonely for those who want to have a partner.  Rose Quartz is the crystal that helps us open our hearts to attracting love into our lives, promoting self-love at the same time.  Our Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Candle is ideal for this task and our Rose Quartz Crystal Roller promotes Gratitude - perfect gifts for single people or self-gifting.

Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Candle

Whatever your choice of gift, let's not dismiss Valentine's Day 2022, but take it as an opportunity to celebrate the love in our lives.  It's been a strange couple of years and most of us realise that making time for loved ones and being thankful for joyful moments is so important.

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