Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

As we approach Christmas, many shoppers pass through different stages of gift buying.  We’ve turned this into a Christmas countdown giving ideas on what to buy and when.  You’ve heard of the 12 Days of Christmas – well here are the ‘6 Stages of Christmas’!

6 Stages of Christmas Shopping

Stage One

This first stage of Christmas shopping starts in November and usually lasts until the first week of December.  This is when the more organised and savvy shoppers amongst us take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to get some of the bigger more expensive gifts out of the way.  A good gift idea here would be our Champagne Saucer Glasses in preparation for parties and New Year’s celebrations.

Champagne Saucer Glasses

Stage Two

Many shoppers want to treat themselves and also get themselves ready for Christmas, so early December is a good time to get something special to pamper yourself and look your best, especially before all the hustle and bustle of preparing for the big day begins.  Try one of our Honeyzen Luxury Bath Salts to create some calm or our Honeyzen Luxury Facial Oil to get your skin glowing and plumped up.

Luxury Bath Salts

Honeyzen Luxury Face Oil

Stage Three

Gift Shopping starts in earnest in mid-December.  Our luxury, Crystal Candles arrive in premium rose gold gift boxes to create the wow factor.  Match the crystal to the feelings you want to convey with your gift to make it extra special.  See our Gift Guide to understand what emotions are associated with each Crystal Candle.

Crystal Candles in Premium Rose Gold Gift Box

Ruby Crystal Candle symbolises passion and nobility.  Scented with frankincense.

Stage Four

As Christmas Day draws nearer, most shoppers have bought their gifts and they are on the lookout for last minute extras and stocking fillers.  Maybe something for the office Secret Santa!  Our Crystal Rollers with Essential Oils are great as unusual little stocking fillers.

Citrine Crystal Roller stocking filler

Stage Five

It’s almost Christmas Day and there’s no time for shopping and postage.  But you’ve realised you missed someone off your gifting list!  Not to worry!  Try gifting one of our Gift Cards and you can conveniently email it or print it out for the recipient.

Chic & Raw Gift Card

Stage 6

Christmas Day is finally here and your guests are arriving!  Get your home smelling welcoming and festive with our Ruby Crystal Candle scented with Frankincense or try our Cinnamon, Orange & Clove Candle to get the house smelling warm and spicy.

Festive Cinnamon, Orange & Clove Candle

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