10 Benefits of Meditation

I've been meditating since 1993 and the benefits have been life-changing - here's why...


I managed to give up smoking: 
Smoking really is the worst habit but without meditation I found it impossible to give up. Meditation helps to lift you out of the mental state where that little voice is telling you to light up!

I gave up drinking:
Similarly for drinking, it was difficult to give up, but meditation gives you the sense of peace so you don't feel you need a drink in hand to manage social occasions.

I did an MBA and got my dream job: 
Meditation helped me realise my true potential by giving up negative habits and improving my lifestyle. If you feel you can achieve more in life I strongly recommend it and the inspiration and guidance will come to you.

I mended my relationship with my parents:
My relationship with my parents had been very strained since my teens but after meditation they noticed a change in me and gradually they changed too and now we have a great relationship!

I became more confident and self-sufficient: 
Before meditation I was always looking for something outside of myself to make me happy and feel complete, but over the years I feel satisfied from within and outside events rarely disturb me.

I became very intuitive and learned to listen to my inner wisdom: 
Looking within for inspiration is the best guide for wisdom and creativity. Always listen to your inner voice - it's never wrong even when it's not the obvious choice!

I'm able to be more detached about life's challenges: 
If you can achieve a balance inside and a stable life structure around you, consisting of good relationships and a stable household, then you don't get phased by the everyday things anymore.

I can focus and stay calm when others are overwhelmed:
This is something other people often say about me. I'm good to have around in a crisis as I like problem-solving and I don't get ruffled.

It keeps me looking young: 
So I'm getting on a bit now but people still think I'm in my early 30s! I put this down to meditation and the fact that I don't stress. Plus getting up early really helps.

It's free and always available:
You don't need to pay someone to access your inner guru!

I recommend Sahaja Yoga if you want to learn about meditation - I've been doing it since 1993 and it's amazing!

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