Why I created Chic & Raw

Back in 2015, I was working in the head office of one of the big 4 supermarkets in the UK. I absolutely loved my job - it was challenging, fast-paced and often stressful but I found it so interesting that it didn't feel like work. However, I started to develop excruciating headaches - full-on migraines that would often last 2-3 days. The weird thing was my husband was getting them too. Sometimes we'd often get them at the same time and it was difficult to function. We both put it down to stress and being over-worked and thought nothing else of it.

Suddenly I was made redundant during a huge round of head office restructuring. Since I'd lost my staff discount I decided that I would use the opportunity to start buying completely organic food again and I began to my whole grocery shop with a well known organic specialist. It was fantastic! When my weekly food delivery arrived, it was so exciting opening the box and it made me fall in love with cooking again and making everything from scratch.

However the most remarkable thing that happened is that my headaches stopped completely. My husband also stopped getting the headaches. We both haven't had them since! I realised the significance of this and since then I've done all I can to remove toxins and synthetic products from our lives. It has become a passion of mine to find or create non-toxic products that are not only good for you, but also luxurious and beautiful. I feel an aesthetically pleasing home promotes tranquility and mental well-being, which in turn promotes peaceful emotions and good health.

So often I found beautiful premium products that were full of toxins and synthetics, or clean and natural products that are ugly and unattractive. So this is how the idea for Chic & Raw was formed. A fusion of beauty, nature and luxury to please the soul. I hope you agree and enjoy what's on offer.

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