Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty

It is well known that how you feel on the inside can affect how you look on the outside.  Prolonged periods of stress and anxiety can take a toll on our looks, our skin texture and even our hair, especially if we are neglecting our health at the same time.  However, it’s less well known that our inner beauty – things like character, positivity and ethics – can show as our outer beauty too.

People who are in touch with their inner silence and feel at peace often show that serenity on the face and sometimes glow and radiate positivity to those around them. 

glowing beauty

The Kundalini is a sacred, dormant energy within every human being.  With Kundalini awakening a person becomes more attractive than they were before and the skin is naturally softened from within.  As a result, the person looks younger and ages more slowly.

The first person to openly reveal the secrets of the Kundalini energy was a 12th Century Indian poet and saint, named Jnanadeva (born 1275).  Jnanadeva only lived until the tender age of 21 years, because in 1296 he decided to take his Samadhi (which means to enter into a deathless state of meditation), but not before he wrote his life’s work ‘Jnaneshvari’ a treatise on the ‘Bhagavad Gita’.  In this important work, he recognised this knowledge wouldn’t be for everyone.  Indeed he said that seeking Kundalini awakening was strictly for the brave and the clever.  He goes on to describe that Kundalini awakening makes the person more attractive and youthful-looking, among the many benefits!

Even without Kundalini awakening, you can access the benefits of meditation and a good character.  Practise meditation or try breathing exercises that help you find your inner silence daily.  Take responsibility for your actions and your behaviour to others to that you can correct yourself and be more good natured.  These are positive steps that will have an effect on your inner and external beauty.

The best time to meditate is early in the morning, ideally between 4am – 6am, as this will have the most rejuvenating effect on your face.  But even if that is too early for you, daily practice in the morning will be beneficial.

Try this short meditation to get started:

  1. Sit comfortably on the ground or on a chair with your feet touching the earth.
  2. Place your palms facing upwards on your lap and close your eyes.
  3. Put your attention on any tension or heaviness in your body and gradually let your body relax.
  4. Breathe in and hold it, then breathe out and hold it – repeat this 10 times until you find you are hardly breathing at all and you are thinking less.
  5. Once you start feeling more silent within, keep your attention on the silent, present moment. If any thoughts come to you, let them go by saying ‘I forgive’ or ‘not this’.
  6. Stay like that for as long as you feel you want to. Then gradually open your eyes. 

You should be feeling refreshed and relaxed and gradually this will show on your face!

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