The Nabhi Chakra Gives Us Abundance and Satisfaction

This is the chakra that helps us feel satisfied and peaceful.  It also determines our generosity and feelings of overall wellbeing.  But what does it mean ‘to feel satisfied’?  Is it just a question of having ‘more stuff’?

If you know anything about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs you’ll know that our ‘lower’ needs must be satisfied before we can go on to pursue ‘higher’ needs such as self-realisation.  And those lower needs are still very important – without food and shelter people can’t survive.  Even after all our needs are met we still want more desires to be fulfilled in order to feel satisfied. It’s a never ending cycle.  However, there is a way to feel more fulfilled from within and as a result bring more of what we want, such as wealth and abundance into our lives.  That way is by improving the condition of the Nabhi.


This energy centre is more formally known as the Manipur Chakra and its manifestation in the body is the solar plexus.  If you remember, the chakras are spinning wheels of energy (chakra meaning wheel in Sanskrit) that correspond to nerve plexuses in the physical body.  Each chakra has unique and innate characteristics but if the chakra is blocked and unable to spin correctly then these characteristics can’t manifest properly resulting in a diminished personality, lower mental health and potential sickness. 

The Nabhi Chakra, situated in the stomach area, is the second chakra that the sacred Kundalini energy passes through.  The characteristics of this chakra are Peace, Satisfaction, Prosperity and Generosity.  There are 10 petals on this chakra and it is made out of the water element. 

The Nabhi chakra is green in colour and crystals such as emeralds, jade and green aventurine have very complementary energies for this chakra.  Green aventurine is thought to be a very lucky stone that manifests desires, bringing wealth and positivity to the owner.

Balancing, calming scents such as sandalwood or patchouli are a good match for this chakra.  Patchouli essential oil has the added benefit of being good for upset stomachs, as well as relieving feelings of stress and anxiety.

Patchouli plant

Looking after our nabhis is so important when working from home

We’re all spending so much time at home these days that looking after our nabhis has become paramount.  Any domestic friction, such as from relationships, families, financial worries, poor diet and work stress can throw this chakra out of balance.  It’s more important than ever to maintain order and peace in your home life so that this chakra can do its job and bring you more of the good stuff.

Here are a few easy ways you can help your Nabhi feel better:

Improve your diet (duh!).  If you’ve developed some poor eating habits during the lockdown, maybe now is the time to watch what you eat.  You don’t have to eat less but instead make healthier choices, such as cutting down on sugar and carbs.  Replacing carbs with cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage or kale) helps to keep you filling fuller for longer and keeps your stomach’s microbiome happy.  High quality proteins such as organic eggs and meats are important for energy and growth.  If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, there are lots of good plant-based proteins to choose from these days.


Improve your relationships. Healthy emotional connections with family and partners are vital for a healthy nabhi.  During lockdown, many families’ nerves are frayed from being in close contact for so many months.  Hopefully we can all organise quality time together outdoors very soon.  Even before that we should find time to chill out and connect with partners and children – without the TV or computer on.  Just talk for a change and understand what’s going on in each other’s lives and minds.  You’ll feel so much more connected.  Additionally, what about the family members we’ve been locked away from – maybe there will be a reunion soon?  We can stay connected to them by sending gifts, hampers or cards.  Sometimes these little touches can show them how you feel in a way that you can’t express over a Zoom call.

Reduce work stress. Get organised by harmonising your work station.  Make it more comfortable and inviting with a bunch of flowers or a potted plant.  Improve the lighting and hang a new picture that you can stare at when you’re looking for inspiration. Add some attractive throws and cushions to make it cosier.  Finally, do the filing and clear your inbox – these things really help you to focus on the priority tasks and remove the unimportant ones that are just draining your energy.

work from home

Clean and tidy your home.  This is an easy one – just cleaning up can improve the vibrations in your home.  And of course you can cleanse the atmosphere using a scented candle.

Finally, self care.  Meditation and self care rituals are vital to keep ourselves feeling well and connected with our own spirits.  Candles, crystals, essential oils and moisturisers are useful supports for self care, as they can be used to stimulate the senses and calm the nerves.  Remember that these items are only aids to meditation and can’t replace the meditation itself.

Meditating on Nabhi Chakra

Here is a short meditation for the Nabhi.

  • Light a candle and sit comfortably, preferably on the ground so that the root chakra can be closer to the Mother Earth, which has a cleansing effect on all our chakras.
  • Close your eyes and place your palms face upwards on your lap. Place your right hand on the centre of the stomach – this helps focus your attention there.  Hold your attention there for a few minutes and every time your attention wanders away, gently bring it back to this chakra. 
  • Inside yourself to your own Spirit, say the affirmation: Please make me more satisfied or please make me a more satisfied person. Please give me peace. Say it 10 times.
  • Continue to sit with your attention on this chakra for a while. Then after a few minutes, guide your attention up through the centre of your body to the crown of the head.  If you can’t do that easily, you can use your right hand and lift it slowly in front of you from the base of your spine to the top of your head.  Do this 7 times.
  • Then take your right hand and place it firmly on the top of your head and press down. Hold it there for a few minutes so that your attention stays there.
  • Move your hand back to your lap and keep your attention at the top of your head and sit quietly like this for a few more minutes.
  • Slowly open your eyes – hopefully everything will look brighter and you will be feeling more relaxed and energised.

Try this at home and let me know if this works for you! 

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