The Throat Chakra Makes Us More Detached

Formally known as the Vishuddhi Chakra, this chakra helps us communicate with diplomacy and become more collective.  It also improves our sense of responsibility and frees us from guilt. Helping with communication sounds obvious, but the benefits of this chakra go far beyond the obvious.

This energy centre is located at the base of the throat and has 16 petals (or aspects).  In previous posts we wrote that the chakras are spinning wheels of energy (chakra meaning wheel in Sanskrit) that correspond to nerve plexuses in the physical body.  Each chakra has unique and innate characteristics but if the chakra is blocked and unable to spin correctly then these characteristics can’t manifest resulting in a diminished personality, lower mental health and potential sickness. 

The throat chakra is at the base of the throat

With 16 petals, this is the largest chakra so far and looks after many different characteristics and functions within the body.  It’s therefore very important to look after the throat – covering the throat is a good idea for wellbeing, especially wearing a scarf in cold weather.

Some of the qualities of the vishuddhi (throat chakra):

  • Divine diplomacy
  • Sweetness of speech and face
  • Beauty (looking your best)
  • Responsibility (freedom from unnecessary guilt)
  • Sense of chastity and brother – sister relationship
  • Detachment and witness state
  • Collective consciousness
  • Lightning

This is the fifth chakra that the sacred Kundalini energy passes through.  This energy centre corresponds to the Ether element and lightning.  All our modern digital communications travel through the ether and are essential for connecting with others nowadays.

The throat chakra is dark blue in colour and crystals such as sapphires and aquamarines have very complementary energies for this chakra.  Blue aquamarine is thought to be a calming stone that manifests tolerance, courage and supports responsibility in the owner.

Aquamarines benefit the throat chakra

Essential oils such as bergamot (a key ingredient of Earl Grey Tea), eucalyptus and peppermint are thought to soothe the throat chakra and manifest its qualities.

Overcoming crippling feelings of guilt is key to unlocking the throat chakra’s benefits

We often feel guilty for not achieving perfection or we feel guilty for our mistakes.  We probably haven’t done anything wrong or broken any laws, but we still carry the burden of guilt on our shoulders.  The throat chakra’s energies help us take responsibility for our actions and stop doing the things that make us feel guilty.  We can stop beating ourselves up over small things.  When we free ourselves from guilt we feel more confident and relaxed straightaway.

Overcome guilt to benefit the throat chakra

The Brother – Sister Relationship

In India the chaste relationship between a brother and sister (not necessarily your sibling) is well understood and celebrated.  Although they don’t hang out together, the brother protects the sister when she needs him and the sister corrects and gently scolds the brother if he misbehaves.  Both are there for each other when needed. 

The Indian celebration of Raksha Bandhan - when a sister ties a ‘Rakhee’ string on the left hand of her brother – creates that bond.  Only a woman can do this and she can choose a brother to give a rakhee to.  The new brother then promises to protect his sister.  There is an interesting story that when Alexander the Great came to India he took an Indian wife.  A king from a neighbouring kingdom was fighting with Alexander and managed to overcome his army and threw him in jail.  When Alexander’s wife heard what had happened she immediately sent a rakhee to the king who had thrown her husband in jail and made him her brother.  The king released Alexander and his men from prison, gave them food, clothes and horses and sent them on their way home.  Confused, Alexander asked the king why he had suddenly released him.  The king replied that now Alexander’s wife was his sister so that made Alexander his brother-in-law – therefore he couldn’t keep him locked up any longer!  Alexander was so impressed he cancelled his attempt to conquer India.

The brother and sister relationship

Become more detached and feel better

Meditation on the throat chakra can help us detach from all the crazy things going on around us.  We can find our peace and witness what happens without reacting.  It’s our reactions that cause us stress!

Many people feel detachment means being cold but you can still be a loving person with detachment.  Once you become overly attached to someone or something it has the power to control or hurt us.  Detachment is the real ‘safe space’ – without needing an artificial ‘safe space’!

If you want to know more about detachment, then the Bhagavad Gita is the great place to start.  It records the dialogues between Shri Krishna and Arjuna before going into battle.  Shri Krishna is the archetype that rules the throat chakra and his life demonstrates the playful and diplomatic nature of this chakra.

The Bhagavad Gita

Simple treatments for soothing the vishuddhi

As a child Shri Krishna was very mischievous and loved to eat butter.  This is because butter is a very good treatment for the vishuddhi.  Try adding a tiny knob of organic, unsalted butter to your tea in the morning. 

Honey is also a well known treatment for the throat and makes a great replacement for sugar.  Try raw, unpasteurised honey if you can get it.

Honey is good for the vishuddhi

Finally, if you can bear the taste, licorice lozenges are very good for the vishuddhi too!

The ether element is good for the throat chakra so looking up at the blue sky helps open this chakra.  

Finally this very cosmic chakra can be improved by meditation.  Light one of our Aquamarine Throat Chakra Crystal Candles and try this meditation:

Here is a short meditation for the Vishuddhi.

  • Light a candle and sit comfortably, preferably on the ground so that the root chakra can be closer to the Mother Earth, which has a cleansing effect on all our chakras.
  • Close your eyes and place your palms face upwards on your lap. Place your right hand on the base of your throat – this helps focus your attention there.  Hold your attention there for a few minutes and every time your attention wanders away, gently bring it back to this chakra. 
  • Inside yourself to your own Spirit, say the affirmation: Please make me a more detached person or please make me a more responsible person. Please give me divine diplomacy. Say it 16 times.
  • Continue to sit with your attention on this chakra for a while. Then after a few minutes, guide your attention up through the centre of your body to the crown of the head.  If you can’t do that easily, you can use your right hand and lift it slowly in front of you from the base of your spine to the top of your head.  Do this 7 times.
  • Then take your right hand and place it firmly on the top of your head and press down. Hold it there for a few minutes so that your attention stays there.
  • Move your hand back to your lap and keep your attention at the top of your head and sit quietly like this for a few more minutes.
  • Slowly open your eyes – hopefully everything will look brighter and you will be feeling more relaxed and energised.

Try this at home and let me know if this works for you! 

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