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Christmas Holiday Gift Guide

Give a gift that symbolises emotion and healing to a loved one.  Choosing the perfect gift can show your connection with the recipient and that you really understand and care about their situation.  This new ‘emotional gifting’ approach has become popular since the pandemic lockdowns, when families were unable to see each other for many months.  Although restrictions have been mostly lifted, many people are left a strong need to emotionally reconnect with loved ones and cherish moments together in a more spiritual and evolved way.

Here’s our guide on how you can use gifts to show your emotion.

1. Show them they are in your heart and you are sending love

Rose quartz crystals are all about capturing and emitting the soothing vibrations of love.  Matched with the delicate rose gold jar and box and soft fragrance – the Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Candle is the gift that will help you convey these feelings.


Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Crystal Candle
2. For someone who is working too hard or working as a creative

The energy of amethysts helps with stress and anxiety, by soothing frazzled nerves.  Amethysts are also said to help with creativity – a relaxed mind is better at receiving inspiration from the unconscious.  The Amethyst Sacral Chakra Candle is the perfect gift for these occasions.


Amethyst Sacral Chakra Crystal Candle

3. Give them the energy of luck and abundance

Do you know someone who has just got married, or moved to a new home?  Or maybe someone who is worried about finances or domestic upheaval, such as relationships or divorce.  Green Aventurine is famous as the lucky crystal - said to bring good fortune your way.  The Green Aventurine Nabhi Chakra Candle should be gifted when you want to see someone’s home life become full of prosperity.


Green Aventurine Nabhi Chakra Crystal Candle

4. Show your passion, loyalty and romance

Rubies signify an enduring love full of passion and nobility.  Combined with the scent of frankincense there is purity and cleansing of negativity.  The Ruby Root Chakra Candle is perfect as a romantic gift between a long, married couple or even a fledgling romance where feelings are deepening.


Ruby Root Chakra Crystal Candle

Hopefully this short gift guide has given some useful suggestions for ‘emotional gifting’ any occasion.

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