By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

At the start of the famous scene in Macbeth (Act 4, Scene 1), one of the witches exclaims that ‘by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…’ as Macbeth approaches.  What does that mean and how did she know that Macbeth had recently committed a wicked deed?

The origin of this phrase was an old superstition, that numbness of the little finger and twitching of the thumb in the left hand meant that something bad was on its way.  We might think this is a silly superstition but there is more to it than we realise.  When we meditate after Kundalini Awakening we can feel the state of our chakras on our fingers and there is a tingling on the fingers if one of our chakras is blocked.  When we feel a tingling on the thumbs, in particular the left thumb, then it means that we have a problem or blockage with the Left Swadisthan or Left Sacral Chakra, and all the characteristics associated with that chakra are compromised.

When I first started meditating in 1993, I found out about decoding what is felt on the hands in relation to the chakras.  I was very surprised to learn the things that cause blockages in the left sacral chakra were listed as: false knowledge, impure desires and black magic! 

‘Who in this day and age believes or practises magic!’ I scoffed, ‘let alone believing in black magic! That’s crazy!’

Black magic

But since then I’ve learnt that many people (especially the elites) believe in and actively practice magic and the media encourages people to practice magic in the guise of ‘white magic’.  Unfortunately, many people are experimenting with it because they find it can satisfy their earthly desires, without realising the damage they are doing to their subtle systems.

Recently I saw a young lady on TikTok who had made a video about a little song (a bit like a ‘rap’) someone had taught her.  The song was like a strange, jaunty ditty asking for more money to come her way and she enthusiastically told the camera that this song really works and brings money into your life!


I looked at the comments under this video and I was pleased to see that people were telling her to stop singing these songs as they are spells which are activating negative forces.  These forces might bring you some good things initially, encouraging greed, but after that they will bring you misfortune.  It’s a dangerous thing to play with, but it was positive to see many people understood the danger.

So although I enjoy a spooky story or scary movie as much as the next person, my message in this journal post is beware of the lure of witchcraft this Halloween!

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By the pricking on my thumbs... from Macbeth

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