We’ve won Best Luxury Natural Candle Company 2021!

Our Crystal Candle collection is designed to support relaxation and stress relief by opening Chakras and promoting good vibrations via the crystals, the matching fragrance and the candle flames.  After 3 decades of learning and teaching meditation, I want to share what I know to help my customers develop the best self-care rituals and understand the truth about chakras, with no gimmicks.

Self care

Therefore, we’re so pleased to announce we’ve been selected as the Best Luxury Natural Candle Company 2021 in the SME Awards.  We were nervous to take part in the awards as we are a new, small business – just over a year old.  So it is so gratifying and reassuring to win first prize – it feels like all the hard work of being a small business owner has been worthwhile!

We also feel we have designed some amazing candles and it’s wonderful to have the quality recognised.  Our Crystal Candle range is made with the finest ingredients:

  • Organic soybean wax
  • Organic cotton wick for a clean burn
  • French perfume fragrance
  • Ethically-sourced crystals
  • Premium electroplated glass jar
  • Premium gift box

Green Aventurine Nabhi Chakra Candle
Try them for yourself or give as a special gift to a loved one!

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