Recharging Crystals and Recharging Your Spirit

As you probably know by now, here at Chic & Raw we love crystals and gemstones!  So much so, that we put them in our luxury candles to release their beneficial energies as you burn the candle.  We take time to think about what a particular crystal is good for and which chakra will benefit from its vibrations.

Many people say that you don’t choose your crystal but the crystal chooses you, based on your individual needs, and there seems to be some truth to that as we can be particularly drawn to different crystals.  Once we have a crystal, it absorbs our vibrations and we truly make it our own.

Eventually, the crystal becomes ‘full’ and it needs to be cleansed so that it can be recharged again with its natural energies. You’ll know when the crystal needs cleansing as it will start to feel vibrationally heavier.  It’s good to recharge your crystals at least once a month, and even when you first buy it. There are different methods for cleansing crystals and it’s very easy.  Here’s what you can do.

I recently posted on social media that we had some winter sun so I took the opportunity to recharge some rose quartz crystals – sunshine is one of the best and simplest ways to cleanse gems.  Just leave them out for a few hours in the sun’s rays.

cleansing rose quartz crystals

But what do you do if there’s no sunshine, which happens often in the UK?!  Here are a few great alternative methods:

  1. Running Water

The best is natural running water, like a stream, but it can also work just under your tap at home.  You need to completely submerge your crystal in the running water for approx one minute per stone and pat dry afterwards.  This lets the negative energy be removed by the Mother Earth, which is why a stream is the best option.  This method is best for stones such as quartz but should not be used for soft or porous stones such as selenite.

  1. Salt Water

Salt can be used instead of the Earth element; therefore dissolving a tablespoon of salt in water can be very effective.  Place your crystal in a jar of salt water overnight, or a few hours minimum, then dry it off.  This method is perfect for hard stones such as quartz and amethyst but again not suitable for porous or soft stones such as malachite, selenite and angelite etc.

  1. Brown Rice

Brown rice can also replicate the effects of the Earth element, by drawing out negativity.  Take a bowl of brown rice grains (uncooked!) and bury the stone in the rice.  Leave it there for a few hours – preferably one day and then dispose of the rice, which has now absorbed all the negative energy.  This method can be used for any stone.

  1. Moonlight

The cold light from the moon can also cleanse and recharge crystals, especially during certain times of the lunar cycle (don’t try this on a moon-less night and a waxing moon is better than a waning one).  Place the crystal directly on the Earth, where it won’t be disturbed, and leave it over night.  Collect it in the morning before midday so you don’t allow prolonged exposure to the sunlight.  This bathes the candle in both moonlight and sunlight, which is very restorative for most crystals.  This is less effective for vibrant stones such as amethyst, where too much sunlight can be counter-productive.  Soft stones such as celestite need to be sheltered from harsh weather.

  1. Frankincense, Ajwain or Camphor

The smoke from burning either frankincense resin, camphor or ajwain seeds has extremely cleansing effects.  You only need to choose one of these natural ingredients – not all three, but bear in mind that they can be quite smoky and you should open the window after you finish to let the negative fumes out.  It’s a technique similar to ‘smudging’ using sage, but these 3 ingredients are so strong that they will cleanse your whole home and your chakras!  Light the ingredient inside a fireproof bowl and place it on a heat-safe surface or mat.  Using your hand or a spoon – hold your crystal a safe distance above the bowl, allowing the smoke to envelop the crystal for at least 1 minute and until you feel the stone is cleansed. 

For ajwain you need to burn the seeds over a small piece of charcoal, but you can burn frankincense and camphor directly.  Camphor burns very fast so you will need a few pieces and you can drop more in while you are doing this if needed.

Ajwain (also known as carom seeds or ajowan carroway seeds), camphor and frankincense can be bought in most Indian shops but you can probably get these items on Amazon too.

Use this method to cleanse any crystal.

There are other methods for cleansing crystals, such as using other stones, using sound or mantras, visualisation or breathing techniques, but the 5 methods explained here are probably the easiest and the ones I would recommend.  Once your crystal is cleansed you can store it near windows or plants to let it absorb natural healing energy.  Otherwise place it in the room where you need to feel its effects – such as your office desk or bedroom.

Finally to activate and use your crystal you can align its energy with yours by placing it on the appropriate chakra and silently asking it to help you with its beneficial energy to achieve the goal you want.  Alternatively keep it in your hand or nearby and use your attention to connect with the stone while meditating.

Burning Chic & Raw crystal chakra candles releases both the energy of the crystal and the soothing fragrances that relieve stress and help balance your subtle system.  Try it for yourself today!

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