Winter Solstice 2020 - A New Aquarian Age Has Begun

Do you know how significant this day is?

The 21st December 2020, is the winter solstice and something amazing is taking place in the heavens.  It’s a happening that is so rare we won’t see another one like it until March 15, 2080 - that’s if we are all still around to see it!

What’s happening?  It is a rare conjunction between two of the largest planets, Saturn and Jupiter, and they will get so close together – only 0.1 degrees apart.  This will cause them to appear in the sky like an elongated, super bright star. 

Normal Jupiter – Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years (the last one was in 2000) but this one is so close together it’s called a Great Conjunction and it rarely occurs.  In fact the last time this Great Conjunction occurred to create a super bright star was the Star of Bethlehem, to signal the birth of Christ!

Many astrologers say that this is the dawning of a New Age.  The official start of the Age of Aquarius!  What will this new Age bring for Mankind?  Aquarius is associated with revolution, societal changes, inventions and technology.  As a star sign, Aquarius is depicted by a woman pouring the soothing spiritual waters on the world.

I don’t know about you but I’m bringing my New Year’s Resolutions forward this year.  I want to start the New Age well and make it better than the last!  Maybe we should all reflect on the change we want to see in the world, and make those changes within ourselves?  The world could certainly do with a little help right now.

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