The 3 ‘Chambers’ of the Heart Chakra – Part 1: The Left Heart

Many people claim to know about the heart chakra but few realise that this chakra (in fact every chakra) has 3 sides – the left, the right and the centre heart.  The left side is where the physical manifestation of the heart is found, but the heart chakra also exists on the right side and in the centre (over the sternum bone).  Each part of this chakra has different qualities and slightly different functions.

So let’s start with the left heart chakra – this is the energy centre that everyone knows more about and of course it is physically associated with the heart muscle itself.  The left heart is the seat of our Spirit, which is actually our own individual reflection of the Divine Spirit.  The heart acts like a mirror and the more we keep this chakra ‘clean’ the more the Spirit is reflected in our hearts and manifests in our character.  The ‘mirror’ means that other people can also ‘see’ the Spirit shining through our hearts.  So cleansing the heart chakra is the most satisfying experience, in a way that material things cannot achieve!

feeling of joy

The other qualities of the left heart are joy, love and detachment. Joy is not a dual feeling like happiness, which has highs and lows.  Nor is joy a giddy abandonment.  Joy is a steady feeling of peace, satisfaction and wellbeing that once you have it you won’t want to lose it! 

The left heart is the chakra given to us by our mothers and it is also gives us our own expression of motherhood.  If something is affecting our mother or if we are feeling depressed then we experience this as a blockage on the left heart.

Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Candle

As you know our best-selling Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Candle is the perfect support for meditating on the heart chakra, in particular for the left heart, because the unique combination of its fragrance (white tea and ginger) and the rose quartz crystals vibrate with a joyful, loving energy.

The Heart Chakra has 12 petals and its element is Air.  That’s why taking deep breaths is very calming for this chakra and can steady the heart beat.

Meditation is the best way to open this chakra and connect with your Spirit, which is the true self that witnesses the drama of everything we do.  Try this short meditation at home for the left heart:

  • Light a candle and sit comfortably, preferably on the ground so that the root chakra can be closer to the Mother Earth, which has a cleansing effect on all our chakras.
  • Close your eyes and place your palms face upwards on your lap. Place your right hand on the left heart, on the left hand side of the chest (where your heart is) – this helps focus your attention there.  Hold your attention there for a few minutes and every time your attention wanders away, gently bring it back to this chakra. 
  • Inside yourself, to your own Spirit, say the affirmation: I am the Spirit. Please let me feel the joy of my Spirit. Say it 12 times.
  • Continue to sit with your attention on this chakra for a while. Then after a few minutes, guide your attention up through the centre of your body to the crown of the head.  If you can’t do that easily, you can use your right hand and lift it slowly in front of you from the base of your spine to the top of your head.  Do this 7 times.
  • Then take your right hand and place it firmly on the top of your head and press down. Hold it there for a few minutes so that your attention stays there.
  • Move your hand back to your lap and keep your attention at the top of your head and sit quietly like this for a few more minutes.
  • Slowly open your eyes – hopefully everything will look brighter and you will be feeling more relaxed and energised.

Try this at home and I hope you feel the joy of your Spirit! 

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