Our Mission

We offer luxury products that promote harmony and beauty

Chic & Raw was founded in 2019 with a mission to support our customers with luxury, sustainable and natural products that promote harmony and wellbeing.  We strive to create and curate aesthetically beautiful products that will be good for your mind, body and soul. We firmly believe in the soothing power of beauty to promote a joyful spirit and a harmonious mind, which in turn establishes emotional stability and a healthy body.

Establish peace within

Without peace of mind we lose our inner balance.  Disease can start from negative thoughts and emotions and they eventually take a toll on the body.  When your thoughts, emotions and desires are in harmony with each other then you feel at peace. 

Looking after your body and diet is important but the mind and emotions are often neglected.  This is where meditation and creating a beautiful home can also help.  If your mind is chaotic and you live in a chaotic environment – how can you feel good?  By creating order and practicing self-care routines everyone can find a way to improve their mental health.

Candles enhanced by Crystals

Candles are so important when you meditate as part of a self-care ritual, but few people know that the flame also cleanses negative energy from the atmosphere, whilst the fragrance helps clear the ether.

Crystals absorb and release energy at frequencies that work on our chakras.  Chakras are the subtle energy centres that look after all aspects of our minds, emotions and physical bodies.  If you match the perfect crystal and candle fragrance to your chakras, you can increase the soothing vibrations that can help unblock your chakras.  As a result, you feel better again.

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