Why Christmas is more meaningful this year…

After a most unusual year, with the Covid-19 pandemic taking centre-stage, and the unprecedented environment still continuing, Christmas will definitely be different to normal.  We don’t know if we are over the worst affects of the lockdowns yet but we do know that the impact on families, children, livelihoods and small businesses has been huge and will take time for recovery.

But despite all these difficulties the human spirit remains resilient and retail analysts are surprised at the trends they are seeing in the market.  Consumer sentiment has bounced back for most age groups and families are describing how they feel overwhelmingly grateful –

  • Grateful if they still have their health and no one they know has become sick
  • Grateful if they can still put food on the table and a roof over their heads
  • Grateful if they can still support others who are more vulnerable or more affected by the lockdown
  • And most of all, grateful to be together

There’s so much to learn from this and that’s why this Christmas will be different.  Many families are having a more traditional celebration that is focussed on meaning and human relationships.  Many parents are keen to make sure that Christmas is extra special for their children and spending more on gifting, food and decorations.  Did you know that 42% of Britons said they are pushing to make this the best Christmas in memory, while over a third put their Christmas lights up early because of the pandemic (Kantar Worldpanel, 2020)? 

Whichever way you plan to celebrate Christmas, make sure it’s stress-free and don’t worry about perfection.  Spend your time and your money on things you really enjoy with the people you love – in person or via Zoom.  Let’s spend time connecting and being grateful for all the good things!
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